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Tips On How To Maintain A Wooden Garage Door

01/05/2014 Back To Blog

There are different models of garage doors that are emerging with the current technology. Some of them include genie garage door, glass garage door, aluminum overhead doors and Electric Operators among others. Each door has its own specifications that makes it better more than the other one. However, there are some people who still prefer using wooden garage door. Wooden garage door unlike the rest are usually very convenient as they are easy to maintain and can be designed into various shape so as to give different designs.

How to service a wooden garage door

It is important to ensure that your garage door is in good shape such that it is sealed on both sides. This is to ensure that there is no gap left on the body of the door. Garage doors are subjected to various stresses as they are opened and closed on daily basis. As such, gaps that might be present on the body might make the entire door to loss shape or even lead to more damages.

Paint and staining

Paints are basically meant to increase the beauty of the garage door. As such, it should be done with care so as to ensure that the intended purpose is not altered. When planning to paint the garage door, you should first clean the wooden part thoroughly so as to ensure that the paint sticks to the door for long. Dirt might also make the paint to peel off faster reducing the life of the paint on the wooden door. This makes the door ugly and hence reducing the value of beauty of the entire compound.

How to maintain movable parts

All movable parts of any garage doors are usually exposed to friction, which is a great agent for wear and tear. As such, Lubrication maintenance is very important as it reduces friction on these parts. It is also important to clean the moveable parts in regular basis so as to ensure that dirt that might reduce the efficiency of the door is removed. Also, applying of grease is important especially on the metal parts on the door. This is because cases of rust are reduce and hence prolonging the lifespan.

Importance of wooden garage doors

Unlike other doors, wooden garage doors are naturally good insulators. They ensure that the interior temperatures are maintained during summer or winter. Spare parts of wooden garage door are also easily accessed. Over all maintenance and the purchasing of wooden garage door is cheaper as compared to other garage doors. There are various contractors in Forest Hills who offers maintenance and installation services.

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