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Practical answers to commonly asked questions about buying and maintaining garage door systems

What does a lower number on my door’s steel gauge mean?

Knowledge on steel gauge is essential if you intend to acquire a steel-type garage door. Garage door professionals say that a lower gauge means thicker steel. This means that a 24-gauge door is thicker than a 27-gauge door.

Which type of spring is better: extension or torsion?

Garage Door Repair Forest Hills’s team of professionals consider the torsion spring as the more desirable choice for your garage door. This is because they are better at balancing the weight of the door than extension springs.

What is the main hardware of extension springs?

Apart from the actual extension springs for garage doors, the system must also include pulleys and pulley forks, garage door cables, S-hooks and clips. This is the main hardware of extension spring systems and you can have the full assistance of our garage door company in Forest Hills if you search for durable repair parts.

How do I take care of galvanized parts?

Galvanized garage door parts need the same treatment as all other steel parts. They still need lubrication maintenance so that the galvanized surface of the components will be protected, and won't be easily cracked. The advice of our specialists is to stick to the same frequent treatments and maintenance. The benefit is that galvanized parts will last longer.

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