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If you want some fresh ideas about ways to maintain the garage door parts in tip top condition, read these tips

Garage door halts

You’re pressing the control buttons but the garage door isn’t responding? Before you start worrying, check the electricity connections. The most common cause for a garage door malfunction is the unavailability of power to the mechanism. Fix that before you move on.

Stationary garage door

If there are issues with the garage door running beyond control or not opening or closing on command, make sure you check the motor. The switches need to be adjusted so that the door is in alignment with the press of the button on the remote or on the garage itself. Our experts in Forest Hills can provide assistance if the problem is more complex.

Use the garage door properly

One simple way to maintain your garage door and keep it working at its best is to use it properly. According to our experts, misusing your garage door can cause unexpected problems such as misalignment. Follow the instructions like opening and closing the garage door properly so avoid such future problems.

Garage door motor maintenance

Our professional technicians at Garage Door Repair Forest Hills normally check the motor for loose parts. Malfunction can be detected by the noise the motor produces. Check visible damages like cracks, rodent infestation, and worn out cords and electric wires. Instead of replacing the entire motor, we experts only replace broken parts.

Garage door sensors installation

You can get this installed if you have an automatic door. Look for sensors that will work on the entire garage system. There is a spot in the railing where a hole is located so install the sensors there and make sure both are perfectly aligned.

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