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Importance of Garage Door Track Maintenance

01/14/2014 Back To Blog

All garage door parts have their own importance and a perfectly good reason why they are installed in a certain position. Tracks are considered major components since they guide the movement of the door panel and, therefore, if they are dented or damaged in any way, they will create major issues. You don't have to repair bent tracks but keep an eye on them and make sure they are in good condition and perfectly clean.

Keep an eye on tracks for higher security

There are usually four different garage door track parts in every system. There are two horizontal and two vertical tracks, so that the door can slide from bottom to top all the way along the ceiling and back. The screws holding the hinges against the wall must be tight because any loose parts wouldn't allow the garage door rollers moving properly in the tracks. In this case, the door might not open or close all the way, it may come off tracks and you will surely have significant security problems. You will have similar problems if the tracks are dented in any way. The overall purpose of your observations should be to locate possible problems or worn parts that would keep the wheels from rolling smoothly.

Lubrication maintenance is also very important. You need to lubricate the hinges and the rollers and, this way, you will prolong their life span and ensure that the wheels will slide better in the tracks. Mechanical parts made by plain iron will eventually rust and won't be of any service to you. It's good to consider replacing those and it's wise to invest in galvanized materials.

Damaged garage door tracks will simply compromise the security of your home. The door will remain slightly open and depending on the exact location of the dents, you may not be able to open the door in a sufficient height to get the car out. The smallest dent or even a tiny rock and other elements may put the garage door off track and then you will need repairs. You will be much safer if you check tracks often and never neglect their maintenance.

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