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Are Garage Door Rollers Replaced Easily?

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

Doesn't everything sound easy in theory but gets really hard when it's time to take real action? That's exactly what happens when it's time to replace the garage door rollers. In a theoretical level, one just has to bend slightly the tracks, remove the old roller and install the new one. In practice, things are quite different. The task is more difficult and can put your life in danger if you don't know the right steps and don't take the right precautions.

Rollers replacement can be a dangerous task

The most peculiar thing about rollers is that they have similar, yet different procedures of replacement depending on whether they're the middle, top or bottom rollers. As a matter of fact, replacing the bottom rollers has a higher degree of difficulty and the task involves a high risk of injuries. During bottom roller replacement, the bolts and brackets at the bottom part of the door must not be loosened or removed. The garage door cable is attached to this bottom bracket and if it's removed, the cable's tension will abruptly be released. Such wrong movements can cause serious accidents or even damage to the property since the door could fall.

Unlike the bottom rollers, the middle and top ones are attached to garage door hinges, which often must be replaced, too. The new roller must be inserted in the old or new hinge but you have to make sure you know how to install the hinge. Hinges have holes so that the lag screws will pass and you must make sure that the end part with the slot goes up and the end part with the hole that goes down.

It's really important to remember that good precautions will save you from injuries and keep the overhead door from falling.

* Always disconnect and unplug the electric operators before you start the task

* It's wise to work with the door open since the springs will have minimum tension but you must make sure the door is secured with C-clamps or pliers

* Secure one hinge and roller before you move in replacing the following one or the door will collapse

* Have a ladder standing by in case your door needs additional support

* Make sure you have chosen the right rollers and hinges before you start work and keep all equipment close by

* It's best to avoid such tasks since they involve a high risk for your safety

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