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Pros of Having Insulation in Your Garage Door

01/05/2014 Back To Blog

Other than being a bit more expensive, insulated garage doors are filled with benefits. Because this is such a big investment, it is important that you get your full money’s worth. Failing to do so can cost you even more money in the long run, especially on your energy bill. Below are some other ways that your insulated garage door can benefit you.

Lowering the Electric Bill

Overhead Garage doors that have insulation contribute to reducing the need to run the heating and cooling system in the home. Non-insulated doors allow the outside temperature to seep into the garage. This unwanted air easily transfers throughout the rest of the house causing it to be hotter or colder than it should be. By not having to run the heater during the winter or the air conditioner during the summer so often lowers you electricity bill tremendously.

Comfortable Work Area

Many homeowners use their garage as a work area for hobbies and other related projects that can’t be done in the house due to limited space. This means that they are spending a considerable amount of time out there; so having a comfortable garage temperature is necessary for them to get their work done. In addition, garage door insulation blocks-out outside noise which can be distracting while working.

Personal Property Protection

Some people keep very sensitive valuables stored in their garage, such item that shouldn’t be in contact with outside temperatures. Furniture and paintings are good examples of these. Insulated garage doors keep out cold temperatures that can result in moisture, completely ruining such delicate valuable.

Noise Resister

There are plenty of elements in the neighborhood that can produce a lot of noise. If you happen to live near a busy street, near a playground, or another noisy area, then getting an insulatedgarage door is definitely a good idea. It could be as simple as not wanting to hear the neighbor’s lawnmower every other weekend while in the garage. An insulated door definite has its benefits.


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